Other Tours

Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

This tour departs at 8 am from Tilajari, on the road to Los Chiles northern border, you will cross important plantation fields of citrus, pineapple and sugar cane in Costa Rica. Arriving to Los Chiles about 9:30 am, the journey begins upstream of Frio River in a comfortable boat, where you can enjoy the vast natural richness of this river.

Caño Negro is more than 44,500 hectares of lagoons and tropical wetlands. The rich biodiversity and the fact that many of the species found here have not been seen anywhere else in the country make unique this refuge. Capuchin monkeys, sloths, several types of herons, alligators and turtles are commonly found in during this tour as well as around 60 species of birds.

The Caño Negro adventure is something you cannot miss!

This tour includes transportation, lunch, refreshments, boat and bilingual guide. Duration: 7 hours.

Hanging bridges

Located in a biological corridor, which shows the migration of several species of birds that travel North and South America, the trails and bridges of this project will allow closer and truly admire birds, flowers and extensive vegetation existing at a minimum distance. You can get in the forest, thanks to the 3.1 miles of magnificent suspension bridges and paths designed for easy and pleasant walk.

Fortuna Waterfall

Located less than 30 minutes away from the hotel, this trip to the waterfall offers 20 minutes of walking through tropical forest to get to the foot of the waterfall, where you can quietly enjoy nature, nature and nature! The tour is recommended for physically active people. Duration: 4 hours.

Teñideros and Rio Celeste Waterfall

This is a full day experience for jungle fans in good physical condition.

Leaving the hotel just after breakfast (7:30 am), a trip of 90 minutes by car takes you to the Tenorio Volcano National Park. There, a local guide leads the walk in a true rainforest for about two hours of natural trails (moderate to high difficulty) reaching the hot springs near the impressive place named Celeste River. There the Teñideros, is where a chemical phenomenon is caused by high levels of volcanic minerals in the river bottom which changes drastically the color of the water to turquoise water or blue sky tones.

Enjoy a snack in the heart of the rainforest, with a beautiful waterfall as scenery. Relax yourself with the landscape, learn about nature and then walk back to the National Park office, where a typical delicious lunch will be waiting.

By the end of the afternoon you will be back at the hotel.

Arenal 1968, Volcano look & Lava trails

This wonderful place belongs to the family of Tilajari group. Located in La Fortuna, just 30 minutes away from the hotel we have the best lookout point of Arenal Volcano and the lake at the same time!

Arenal 1968 offers three options: you can sit back, take pictures and relax enjoying the volcanic activity and amazing view, take a hike through the impressive lava flows from the 1968 eruption or tour the property riding a horse. After this experience, if you want to visit the near hot springs places, just let us know at the time of booking the tour.

Rural Community Tourism Combo

In the village of Juanilama, Santa Rosa de Pocosol and only 40 minutes from the hotel you can live the experience of a truly authentic Costa Rican farmer.

A traditional dairy tour begins (8:30 am or 3 pm) offering a historical overview of the community, the production of milk and its derivatives, cross breeds of cattle and a visit to the farmyard to show how and what products livestock feeds. Then, visitors can take care of bringing the animals and proceed to prepare for hand milking and have the chance of feeding the calves.

The third part of the tour includes the cheese making, where once again the tourist can actively participate in the learning process handling milk and how to produce cheese (palmito, tender, semi-hard cheese, etc.) and other dairy products such as sour cream and yogurt. And what better way to end this activity them having a great typical dairy snack!

Moving to another farm just few minutes away, you will arrive to a pineapple plantation. Here the pineapple farmer will explain the process of planting and harvesting, blending factors as history, morphology and good practices to obtain optimum quality fruit. You will never enjoy a slice of pineapple as fresh as the one you will taste right there and ending the tour, you will have refreshment made with the fruit.

A rural tourism option highly recommended!

Venado Caves

Venado caves in Costa Rica are located 45 minutes driving North from Tilajari Hotel Resort. During this challenging experience, explore caves from eight different cameras separated by rock formations like stalagmites and stalactites. Walk through underground streams in the center of one of the caverns where a small waterfall offers a unique natural spectacle. This tour includes transportation, entrance to the place and bilingual guide. Duration: 5 hours.

Sarapiqui River Rafting (level III)

The Sarapiqui River is around 90 minutes from our hotel, a safe and crystal water river for this inflatable raft adventure. Great for beginners and intermediate levels, this tour allows you to enjoy landscapes full of wildlife. Midway, there is a stop on the side of the river where a quiet pool offers the opportunity to swim and enjoy pleasantly seasonal tropical fruits.
Rafting trip distance: 10 kms.

Sky Tram and Trek Combo

Enjoy a gondola ride with your own guide, where you will have the opportunity to experience up close the rainforest canopy with a spectacular view of the Arenal Volcano and Lake. This tour offers 6 kms of cables in a height range between 30 and 200 meters above the ground.

For the ultimate adrenaline rush, try Sky Trek. You will ride an open-air gondola from the ground to the heights where you’ll be dropped off at an observation deck for fantastic views of the volcano and land below. From the observation deck, return to the ground below by riding down on a circuit of zip lines stretching across canyons and between treetops.

This tour also includes transportation.

4×4 ATV Tour

The most unique and memorable experience on tour in the Arenal Volcano area aboard you own 4×4 ATV. A guide will take you on trails, through banana plantations, papaya, cassava, avocado, pepper and other trees with oranges and mangoes.

Fishing in Lake Arenal

The lake is one of the best options for freshwater fishing in Costa Rica, at any time of the year you can find the fish guapote harrier, also popularly known as machaca. You can hire a half or full day of fishing. Transportation can be quoted as request.

Pure Trek Canyoning

This adventure begins with 30 minutes of ride on ATV trails in the rainforest near the town of La Fortuna. Along the way you may have the opportunity to see monkeys, toucans, sloths, macaws and then discover the magic hidden in La Fortuna river canyon. To reach the waterfall, rappel down from the summit to the beautiful pools. Here you can enjoy a quiet pure touch with nature while you have a refreshment, swim and bird watch around.